Classification Of Alcohol With Examples

 Alcohols are compound that contains OH -1 compound. The OH -1 must attached to alkyl group and they have general formula of CnH 2 n+1OH. Classification Of Alcohols Monohydric Alcohols Dihydric Alcohols Pilyhydric Alcohols Monohydric Alcohols : These are alcohols that contains one OH group on it molecules. Examples are CH 3 OH, CH 3 CH 2 OH,CH 3 CH 2 CH 2 OH e.t.c they can exist in different form . Dihydric Alcohols : This are those alcohol that contains two OH group in their compound. Examples are C-C , C-C-C-C, e.t.c Pilyhydric Alcohols : They are those alcohol that has more than two OH Group. Examples are C-C-C

5 Steps To Add Post Views Counter In Blogger

If you have a blog on blogger and want to know how many readers found your post or how often peoples views your post , you are at the right page because I will share with you the best way on how to add post views counter in blogger. If you don't find it easy to understand blogger starts or seeing it time consuming while tracking your users through Google search console or even google analytics, here is the best method that have worked for me to count my blogger views. What is post views counter Post views counter is a collection of html , css and JavaScript file which when implement in blogger theme automatically integrate a views counter. Benefits of post views counter in blogger It's very important to have blog views counter if your blog is hosted in blogger It shows how many people's have seen your post . It encourages new viewers to read your article completely It creat the most user experience to your blog as people will find your article more interesting. How to add p

Get the Best Loans in Nigeria with This Easy App!

If you ever want to get a quick loan in Nigeria and actually don't know where to start below I have the list of quick loan  app that you might want to give a trial. Good day everyone, in today situation in Nigeria and not only nigeria alone most people find it difficult to raise capital to start there business and if you count yourself among these people's,this article is for you because I will share with you the best loan apps in Nigeria. There more than thousand loan app in Nigeria but which among these app are trustworthy and have less interest. So if you are reading this article let's dig into by knowing what loan app is. What is loan app Loan app is a great way to get easy and fast loans. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.  You can apply for loans from your phone, and you don’t need to go to a bank or any other financial institution.  The loans you get through the app are typically easy to pay back, and you can usually get them approved quickly. Wh

How To Make Money Online With Android Phone In 2022

 Having an Android phone in Nigeria is a very good development despite we don't owned any android development company in Nigeria we are still glad because we'll be able to make money online with android. If you are searching for how to make money online with your new android phone, halt you are at the right page because I will guide you on the current working method in which many guys make money online. If making money online is strange to you don't because you don't need PC all what you need is Android phone with internet connection and make money. What Can Android Phone Do For You And Your Families There are numerous things that Android can do for you and your family. For example, you can use Android to keep track of your family's schedules and whereabouts. You can also use Android to keep track of your family's finances.  How Android Phone Can Help You Make Money One of the ways that Android devices can help make money is by being used as a mobile phone. Th

3 Skills That Can Make You Money Online In 2022

 Everyone is talking about AI. People are afraid to lose their jobs in the future due to the fact that robots can work instead and better than them.  Elon Musk said in an interview with New York Times that artificial intelligence may overtake human race by 2025. Something really scary.  But today in this article I want to share with you three skills you or anyone can learn today in 2022 and ensure at least in the next ten to 20 years you will have a job. Or at least you can work from home online with these skills. Keep reading.  Programming and development When I say programming, I don't mean basic development and coding, I mean advanced programming levels. Why I'm saying this? Because simply today we have OpenAI and Codex. You can simply tell this AI model to create an app for you, a small piece of code it will generate within seconds. So today in 2022, AI is overtaking basic programmers and basic coding skills. So you have to go to the next level and learn two main fields in

Legit Ways To Make Money Online Blogging In 2022

 It's very common that many people's started blogging and result in given up because they can make money online In this article I will share with you seven (7) legit way to make money online blogging even if you have zero knowledge. Sell digital products This is one of the best way to earn money online and it's commonly used by almost 85% use this method, wether you are looking to sell digital goods or physical one. Create a blog that's gear to products you want to sell will be a great idea but what if you chose to create a blog that if your reader are reading they would see your odd link and if they are interested in buying you will be able to earn a penny on it . Example of commonly sold digital goods are listed below Audiobook Digital music Website theme Picture and video Software program Ebooks Sell physical products If you set up a blog on clothing and you want to sell electronics products the both won't be compatible but the things to do is to run a blog on wh

How to Make Money with Canva: The Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Profitable Business on the Platform

 Canva is a popular known graphic design platform that allows user to creat template,logo certificate,brand intro and videos. Today I will write on how to make money with Canva even if you have zero knowledge. I search online on how to use canva for free and actually make money using it all I found was a long article that ends up confusing me. I want to write on a short form of article and explain a step by step guide on how to a Canva business model. In this guide you will also Learn how to use canva to create a successful business that generate high income. So I don't want to take much of your time let five in and learn the process of using Canva as a professional. What is Canva  Canva is a powerful online graphic design platform that helps users create professional-grade visuals. From creating graphics for social media posts to creating brochures and website templates, Canva has something for everyone. Top 2 responsive blogger theme There are a number of features that make Canva