7 Secret That No One Told About Life After School In Nigeria

If every human ever wanted to go school they must also have to think of the graduating day because the exalt day that has to be spent has already been plan in school curriculum .

Life after school in Nigeria seems not to be easy because while in school you meet most friends that you will never wanted to loss .

In this article I will tell you all the secret that no one told you about life after you graduate in any School In Nigeria.

The graduation after my freshman year of  school in is a time of reflection. 
I reflect on all of the great experiences I’ve had during my freshman year at school, but I also reflect on all of the great experiences I’ve had outside of school. 

I reflect on all of the great friends I’ve made, all of the great activities I’ve participated in, and all of the great experiences I’ve had. 

I also reflect on all of the great experiences I’ve had during the graduation. 

I’ve had so many great experiences this summer, from spending time with my friends and family, to going on trips, to just relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. 

How is life after school in Nigeria ?

It's very nice and okay ,do you find it so impressive after you and your friends are in gauan celebrating while forgetting you won't see so soonest. After school in Nigeria life seems to be difficult for most people before they later balance. The following reasons made me to say so .

Looking for job

Most become hustler

Most get early job

Top 7 secret on life after school in Nigeria

The facts that not everyone secure a good job after graduation life might seems to be like a black hole in which if you fall for this you will definitely fall for that.

  • Know Your Goal

    This would possibly sound contrasting due to the fact you observed that when you set a intention you need to pursue it relentlessly. Yes, you may must pursue your intention however you furthermore may must hold your thoughts open to new ideas. While placing your goals, don't forget to permit room for changes. Supposing you put a intention to shop for a automobile in 6 months and on the cease of the day your method isn't always enough. Here is wherein flexibility comes in. You can pass a while body to a yr and that solves it. Sometimes you may fall, specially with inside the thing of accomplishing your goals. The key isn't always giving up on your self and your intention. Things don't exercise session somethings due to the fact you didn't do them nicely enough. Also, you need to discover ways to persevere. Not the entirety you do will exercise session nicely at first. The spirit of perseverance maintains you going.

  • Do Not Downgrade Your Work

    Also study a further skill. This ought to y some thing you like aside from your job. Probably you have continually had a component for images or sewing, discover ways to try this things. Not handiest will it make you greater productive, it's going to make you happier.

  • Continue Reading

    Step from your observe restriction today. Because you're a technology pupil would not suggest which you need to now no longer realize something approximately William Golding or maybe wole soyinka. Remember, a reader is a leader

  • Remember Your School Friends

    This could be very critical due to the fact they're the identical set of humans you meet to your future. That university mate you dislike a lot is probably the CEO you need to interview withinside the future(as an OAP). even will continually want your antique pals regardless of what. Some would possibly also be a stepping stone to assist reap your goal

  • Say What You Need

    This paintings revel in of a factor may be gotten without problems(now no longer that without problems tho). You can volunteer at unique radio stations like that of a university near in which you live. Funny factor is that maximum businesses need(and likes) volunteers. If you're true enough, I wager 80% that you may be retained.

  • Know Your Limit

    When you understand you've got got simply #5, do not make a finances of #10. Where do you need to get the extra $#?? (besides you're dwelling on religion tho). When you're earning $a hundred in step with month, I do not count on you to head hire a flat of #500 in step with annum if you have different urgent desires to wait to. You do not should stay outdoor your way simply due to the fact you need to delight others. Remember, they might not be those to go through the consequences.

  • Respect Yourself 

    Discipline your self in each way. While ready to be employed, you may try to awaken on the time you'll whilst you resume paintings. This could assist your frame get used to the routine. Financially, you want to area your self to buy (and spend on) what you want now no longer what you want. Also, area your self at paintings to satisfy up with deadlines.

  • Be Smart 

    Whether you're volunteering or you're running or mastering a skill, smart pays. You would possibly assume no person is looking however really, humans are looking you


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