7 Secret On How To Create New Post In Blogger In 2022: Beginners Guide

 It's very important after you publish your blog or website online to create a new post in other to let your site looks so unique and trustworthy.

If you don't know how to create new post in blogger, you are not the person because when I also first published this site it was so confused to me as I don't even know where to write an article.

If you have creat a blog for students or professional purpose and reading this article you are at the right place because you will find it more simpler to write a new post in blog

Where is the new post button on Blogger?

If you are login to your blogger dashboard, the new post button is located at the right hand side of the down button.

How to create new post in blogger

Creating new post easy with the below method but you just have to follow step by step in other write post in you blog for good results.

  • Step A : Login to Your blogger dashboard
  • Step B : hover  to the down button and click on plus- like orange button
  • Step C : write your tittle at above
  • Step D : come down to the text area and write your article.

Tips ; you can switch between html and compose writing method while writing a post in blogger.

How to add image/picture while writing new post in blogger

This is so important as you all know having a picture to decorate your and most time has its SEO impact but some people's do neglect it but if you want to add image to article in blogger just follow below steps

  1. Chose the location of the picture
  2. At the top right corner 'click on three dots'
  3. An image-like appear , click on it 
  4. Chose wether to select image from computer, photo, blogger or by url
  5. Select your pictures
  6. Congratulations you are done adding picture to your new post in blogger.

Add Label To Your new post in blogger

Label has it own SEO benefit and to users it tell them which group the article they are reading is categories into . 

Click on the setting icon at the top right hand side
A label option is now appear
Click on label, write your label in the text area
Click on save and you are done

Now after all these steps yours new article is ready to be publish, look at the right corner there is a sender-like button click on it and response yes publish.


Thanks for reading my step by step guide on how to write and creat new post in blogger, if you find this help please share it with your love ones.


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