Add Custom Domain For Blogger : Complete Blogger Custom Domain Set-up

 If you have blog on blogger .com and have purchase custom domain for your blogspot it's fine if you read this article

Are you looking for how to setup custom domain for blogger if yes , you are at the right place if you already have little knowledge on how to create a blog and like to explore more in blogging sphere

Blogger have make it easier for every publisher to start a blog with free host and domain name if you are okay by . blogspot .com 

But does it make more sense if you have another company name together with your own name , the answer is absolutely "No"

The free blogspot account is enough to even start a blog but if you want to develop a real business it's advisable you buy a custom domain for blogger.

You don't have to be stuck by , what I always tell my fellow blogger is that custom domain is your first priority to become a successful blogger

If you doubt the reality I have made an outline on the reason why I recommend every blogger should use a custom domain name

  • You own your domain name
  • You can move or rebrand it at any time
  • It looks professional
  • It has much trust

Haven't said that before you use custom domain you have to buy/register it first. Doing that is very simple I recommend you use domainking as we'll be using it for explanation throughout this tutorial

What is custom domain name

Custom domain names are the unique name of a website, while web addresses are the unique address of a website.

Custom Domain For Blogger
Integrate domain with blogger

Domain names are usually shorter and more memorable than web addresses. They are also more likely to be registered and used by businesses.

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How to register for custom domain name in domainking

I will be very straight to the point so as not to waste much of your time and at the end of lesson you don't get what we discussed.

  1. Go to this URL
  2. Input your name and click on search
  3. Now congratulations if your name is available
  4. Solve the recaptcha
  5. Click on add to cart and checkout
  6. Don't fill anything yet , scroll down and click continue
  7. Click on checkout again
  8. Fill all your real details
  9. Tap on complete order
  10. Invoice for payment will be generated click on pay Now
  11. Done payment now login to your dashboard
  12. Create support ticket you can copy Number 13
  13. Hi sir/ma, I just completed an order purchasing new domain name and wish to integrate it to my blogger blog here is my blogspot url . I will be glad if quick response is given to my ticket, Thanks .
  14. You will be contacted to send them two CNAME
  15. Now go to your blogger and type in your domain the CNAME will now appear copy it and send it to them

Wait for about 10-15 minutes everything will be done in there end.

How to setup custom domain for blogger

After you have successfully register for custom url now is left for you to integrate it in blogger

  1. Login to Your blogger dashboard
  2. Tap on navigation bar =
  3. Scroll down and tap on setting
  4. Under publishing tap on custom domain
  5. Enter the domain from domainking
  6. Click on save

Enable HTTPS For the custom domain

You have successfully register and add custom domain name in blogger, this will build trust for your site as if someone looking for your blog search example .com instead of www.example .com 

Impact of Https redirection for custom domain name

  • SEO
  • Allow redirection from naked url
  • Turn on secure https availability
  • Domain will be reachable for some couple of minutes


If you have successfully point domain to your blogger why can't you share this content for the benefits of others

Today's article well explain how to set up custom domain in blogger blog for free .

You have learnt how to integrate custom Domain with blogger.


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