Top 2 Free Privacy Policy Generator For Blogger In 2022

 In this article I have listed three free privacy policy generator.

If you have blog and don't know how important privacy policy might be in your blog don't worry because we'll discuss what is privacy policy today

With the high advance technology developers has make it easy for us to use their develop privacy policy generator tools. I have created article on how to generate free sitemap for Blogger

If you want to make privacy policy for your blog be honest and tell what you are capable of doing as of the user before letting you collect there information know how you will keep it safely without been exposed to third party.

What is privacy policy

A privacy policy is a disclosure to any users of an organization informing how data, documents and other related materials are collected and how it will be used after collection.

Privacy Policy

Tips : if you are knew to any website or blog site make sure before you drop any of your documents go and read through their privacy policy page so as to understand and know how your data will be use in future. This tips is for you to avoid telling story that touched.

What is privacy policy generator

Privacy Policy generator tools is a free software that allows companies or organization to get policies for there website or blog in one click.

How is privacy policy generator tools is free

To be honest with you if you are just new in blogging sphere most especially hosted Blog in blogger.

Once you create a new blog you would like to have that page so as to make your blog more legit

Free means you will get your policies at zero cost while if you chose to go for premium privacy policy you have to pay some amount and policy generator company will help organize and manage it.

Three (3) free privacy policy generator for Blogger in 2022

H-supertools free privacy policy generator

H-supertools is a free tools website develop and managed by aboul Hassan

Aboul Hassan is a digital marketer and CEO of H-educate where he post his content on digital marketing, email marketing and making money online.

How to generate privacy policy in H-supertools

  • Go to h-supertools
  • Sign up and activate your account
  • Go to this url 
  • Enter your website url
  • Click generate and copy it

Free privacy policy . com

In free privacy policy creating policy is very simple and easy because you must have not to have account so all you need to do is to follow the guide below

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How to add custom domain for blogger

How to generate privacy policies in freeprivacypolicy . com

  1. Go to this url
  2. Click on website and hit next
  3. Enter your website address and all the necessary info required
  4. Click on next remember to chose individual
  5. Check everything that has no 💰 money tag on it
  6. Select how user can contact you and click next
  7. Enter your email address and that's all


In this article we were able to discuss on 2 best free privacy policy generator tools and how to use them to make a privacy policies for Blogger.

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