How To Generate Xml Sitemap - Sitemap generator for Blogger In 2022

 Generating Xml Sitemap for a blogger at most time become so tricky for new Blogger that don't have it knowledge.

You have not to be worried because in this article I will guide you throughout step by step on how to create Xml Sitemap for your blog.

Sitemap for blogger

Having Xml Sitemap is directly informing Google about your site and inversely directing Google not to index and crawl your site.

I will be direct and open in this guide so that for those that have read uncover blog page article on how to create sitemap should easily get there job done here. I have created a list of best Xml sitemap generator in my last article

What is Xml sitemap ?

It's a Xml file that's use to structure how your website and it's content are so as to let Google aware of your site.

Create Xml Sitemap

Why Xml Sitemap ?

You probably don't need sitemap if you have a small business or a website with just 10 - 50 url but it will be of a great advantage and benefits if you have more than one thousand url or even billions.

How to create/generate Xml Sitemap for blogger in 2022

As I said earlier that I will make everything here simple so as even Beginners can add Xml sitemap in there blogger

If you want to creat site you must follow the below simple ways to do it 

  1. Go to ;
  2. Delete default url in the text area
  3. Add your url
  4. Remove ?m=1 in your url

Tips; Remember Labnol only allowed generating sitemap for blog or website hosted in blogger and as such if you have custom domain you can still create sitemap using Labnol.

After if you would have generated sitemap is left for you to summit it to blogger

How to summit Xml Sitemap to blogger

Summit this will be simple as is the only way to notify Google about our new sitemap, if you are familiar with new Google dashboard

This guide on how to add your Xml Sitemap in Google assumed you had a little knowledge on blogger. So follow the few steps below to add Xml Sitemap in blogger

  • Go to your blogger dashboard
  • Click on the navigation bar on the left hand side
  • Scroll down and click on setting
  • Gently look for search preference
  • See crawler and indexing
  • Chose and tick it
  • Copy the code you generated in first guide and paste it in that form
  • Click save


If you read this post and find it helpful drop you comment and I will write on how to summit it to search console.


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