How To Install Blogger Theme In 2022

 If you creat a new blog site on blogger and not yet satisfied with how the blog design looks like don't worry because you are not the Only one that want to change blogger theme.

You will have new blogger theme/template activated on you blog if you follow this simple tutorial guide

Blogger provide us a thousand of free theme but to our desire in most cases we needed to remove blogger classic theme 

In this article I will talk about how to install blogger theme, a step by step guide will be given so just try and read to the end .

What is blogger ?

Blogger is one of the most popular blog platforms available today. It is free to use and easy to use. If you are looking for a blog platform, Blogger is definitely a good option.

What is a blogger theme?

There are a few different themes that are available for Blogger. The default theme is called 'Default'. This is a basic theme and it is good for starting out. If you want to get a little bit more advanced, there are a few more advanced themes available.

Install Blogger Theme

One of the more advanced themes is called 'Green Blogger'. This is a green theme and it is designed to look good on a green screen. It is also designed to be SEO friendly. If you are looking for a more advanced theme, this is a good option.

Another advanced theme is called 'Themes for Blogger'. This is a theme bundle that includes a number of different themes. If you are looking for a theme, this is a good option.

How to get free theme/template for blogger ?

There many online blogger template developer that share there knowledge on internet that's after creating the blog theme they post it on there portfolio either for too purposes

Free theme ; this a version of Xml file that you can use in blog with there footer copyright , you can remove it as they do the whole work and let's you enjoy it , so that tell your user the template is crafted by the owner

Premium theme ; this version is paid that's you have to make one times payment which added much advantage for you by removing footer credit, one time payment, monthly update and 30 days support. The developer in most cases help you setup your theme and if any further design is needed in your blog.

Free template for blog host in blogger

Blogger is a platform that allows user publish there feeling and as well develop there business

I suggest whenever you want free blogger template you should use theme from btemplate as they have 4,414 free ads ready adsense , fast loading, simple design.

You can also use theme provided by google too but the facts is that they are not much unique as that of template sellers.

Free blogger theme is on zip file

You will notice that all blogger theme you get online is on zip file and you know we can't upload zip file in our blogger directory only if we convert it to Xml file

How to unzip file properly to Xml 

  • Now head up to ; ezyzip
  • Click on upload file to convert
  • Select your zip file in your file manager
  • Click on save and that's all

How to change blogger template

If you want to change blogger template this first guide will help you a lot but first basic thing is for you to backup your current theme so that if any code error occur you will quickly get back your old design.

Note ; this method is showcasing how you can change your template by copy and paste Xml file

  • Copy paste Xml file method
  • Now go to your where you save Xml file
  • Open it with any of your Xml explorer Choice, I use (WPS Office)
  • Android tips: click and hold your screen until copy appear on that page 
  • Then click on Copy
  • PC tips , right click and highlights everything and click on Control C.
  • Now login to your dashboard
  • At the top right corner click on navigation bar
  • Scroll down and select theme
  • Then click on Edit Html
  • Highlight all the xml code
  • Delete it and paste new Xml code 
  • Click on save 

How to change blogger theme

If you are on classic blogger theme and wish to add external theme in blogger or remove old template so as to get new look , search no more because you can do it with this step by step guide with just a simple click. You might like to ask how to restore blogger template

How to upload theme in blogger (.Xml file)

  1. Login on
  2. At top right hand side click on three dot
  3. Down menu select theme
  4. At the new screen select upload
  5. Locate your Xml file and select
  6. File restore

Final thought on Blogger template install

I don't use much image in my tutorial as it may confused most reader that's why I take my time to write this article that's even Beginners can change blogger theme , and for those who are familiar with my article this how I guide people's in getting the right things done.

If you read this tutorial and still find it techy or difficult to restore blogger template you can drop a comment below

What if you get all the point and do the right things correctly, share the good new with friends and family so that they could also change their blogger theme

It's my pleasure if you finally add premium blogger theme/template into your blog


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