Google Analytics Setup For Beginners

 Having and manage website for a company or organization has a vast benefit but when it comes to analyzing and collecting data from that particular website most people don't think on how important Google Analytics is and how they can actually use it to measure and track there visitors

In my last article I released 7 Secret on how to write new new post in blogger if you haven't read it, haven't said that in today's article I will guide you on how to setup Google Analytics to track and measure all the information collected from your users even if you are completely beginner.

What Is google analytics ?

Google Analytics is a user tracking tool that provides information about the users of websites. The tool sends data to Google, allowing the company to track how users interact with websites and measure their traffic and engagement.

Google Analytics can be used to track:

- User activity on websites
- User satisfaction with websites

Why should you setup Google Analytics ?

Google Analytics is a free to use website and allow us to completely collect data from users such as how user behave, leads your website gain and where it comes from, where the users come from , the amount of time they spent , the content they read , The content they intend reading , amount of traffic coming to your website e.t.c

How to setup Google Analytics in 3 minutes

Set-up Google Analytics can be a little bit harder but once you get it done you will stand a chance by getting the most valuable information on your website.

For you to have Google Analytics account you need to follow the step by step guide below

In setting up Google Analytics account five (5) vital terms must be noted which are create Google Analytics account, Setup Google tag manager, set up analytics tag with Google tag manager, set up goal and link to Google search console.

Now you have insight on all the most important thing to be done while setting up Google Analytics, so let explain each one after the other

Set up Google Analytics

  1. Create Google Analytics account
Before you can use Google Analytics you must have to create account in analytics website so doing is simple as I will break it down here 
Now head over to your chrome and type in this keyword "Google Analytics" or click on Google analytics page
  • you must login with your email address
  • Once login enter your business/company name
  • Enter your website address or URL
  • Select the categories of your business 
  • Agree with terms and conditions by ticking the white blank
  • Get your tracking ID

  1. Setup Google tag manager
I read much online on how to set up tag manager but all the explanation given was too broad and I decided to break it down and make it simple for you so for you to create Google tag manager you just have to follow the simplest way below
  • Be sure you are login
  • Find this url : https://tag
  • Create account just at the top right corner
  • Fill in your business name in "account name"
  • Fill in your url in "container name"
  • Select web 
And you are all done, if you follow this steps correctly your Google tag manager will look like this 'GTM-xxxxxx'.

Set up analytics tag with Google tag manager

Set up goal

Link to Google search console


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