How To Create A Blog For Students - A Beginner Guide To Create Free Blog

 Are you a student in secondary school or higher institution and wonder how you can own a blog as a student, ask no more because I write on step by step guide on how students can create a free blog.

Blogging is very interesting but most student don't know about this bloggers world, while reading this article you will learn how important is it for students to have a blog on his/her own.

It's on this note that most students in university and even today's graduate make money online without investing.

Yes as a student you can manage a blog site for free without spending on it .

Can Students Have A Blog ?

Yes, blogging is one of the most rewarding platform on internet and students can also have one because it's fun and can be interacting at most time

Blogging required much time as in before you see results it almost one year but once you like what you are doing it will be motivating you.

Is blogging good for students?

Yes and No ! The reason is every student has a purpose of been in school and that purpose must be attain at least average. So this will be good if students can cope with his/her school curriculum without having negative impact from extracurricular activities.

Blogging in most case can be addictive that's if a student take it as a career this can result in abandoned his school career

Where can students host there blog ?

There are many hosting company out there in which they can chose one of there choice as most of this companies are paid plan . Below are the outline of most popular hosting company





As I said this guide will only base on free blogging and earn money for students so with that we'll take blogger and use it.

What's blogger?

Blogger is an American content management in which multi-user publish a content for passion or other purpose.

Before hosting your blog on blogger you must have a working email that will allow us to sign in and make it easy for us ,if you already have email congratulations you just have to follow up.

Steps to create free blog on blogger

Every student should follow this step carefully and creat his/her own

Step A : Open chrome and type in "Blogger"

Many results will be out in that page don't at add  click it

Step B : click create, chose your blog name and select next.

Step C : chose url for your blog 

Note: your desire url might have be taken by someone so just try and include your target keyword in there .

Step D : click save , waw congratulations you have created and host free blog on blogger as a student.


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