Legit Ways To Make Money Online Blogging In 2022

 It's very common that many people's started blogging and result in given up because they can make money online

Make Money online blogging

In this article I will share with you seven (7) legit way to make money online blogging even if you have zero knowledge.

Sell digital products

This is one of the best way to earn money online and it's commonly used by almost 85% use this method, wether you are looking to sell digital goods or physical one. Create a blog that's gear to products you want to sell will be a great idea but what if you chose to create a blog that if your reader are reading they would see your odd link and if they are interested in buying you will be able to earn a penny on it .

Example of commonly sold digital goods are listed below

  1. Audiobook
  2. Digital music
  3. Website theme
  4. Picture and video
  5. Software program
  6. Ebooks

Sell physical products

If you set up a blog on clothing and you want to sell electronics products the both won't be compatible but the things to do is to run a blog on what your passion is and if it worth buying.

Chose a specific niches that covers what your passion is so as to match the intent of your reader.

Below are some physical goods you can sell online

  • Jewelry
  • Household items
  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Handmade goods

Create A space for advertiser

You can also make money on blog by selling advertising space and this depends on the traffic flowing on your page

In this method most advertiser have they own way of analysing blog if yours reach their satisfaction they will contact you on how to go about it

Conclusion on making money online on blog

If you read this article and think you are only one, think twice you would notice your friends also want to learn how to make money blogging online.


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