5 Steps To Add Post Views Counter In Blogger

If you have a blog on blogger and want to know how many readers found your post or how often peoples views your post , you are at the right page because I will share with you the best way on how to add post views counter in blogger.

If you don't find it easy to understand blogger starts or seeing it time consuming while tracking your users through Google search console or even google analytics, here is the best method that have worked for me to count my blogger views.

What is post views counter

Post views counter is a collection of html , css and JavaScript file which when implement in blogger theme automatically integrate a views counter.

Benefits of post views counter in blogger

It's very important to have blog views counter if your blog is hosted in blogger

It shows how many people's have seen your post .

It encourages new viewers to read your article completely

It creat the most user experience to your blog as people will find your article more interesting.

How to add post views in bloggers ? Steps involved.

Step 1 

head over to your blogger dashboard

Step 2 

< .body/>, copy below code and paste just before

Step 4

Then Add the below JavaScript code before < /body>

Final thought on How To add post views counter in blogger

In this article you have learnt how to properly add post views counter in blogger and if you find this post interesting kindly share it with friends.


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