Classification Of Alcohol With Examples

 Alcohols are compound that contains OH-1 compound. The OH-1 must attached to alkyl group and they have general formula of CnH2n+1OH.

Classification Of Alcohols

Monohydric Alcohols

Dihydric Alcohols

Pilyhydric Alcohols

Monohydric Alcohols : These are alcohols that contains one OH group on it molecules. Examples are CH3OH, CH3CH2OH,CH3CH2CH2OH e.t.c they can exist in different form .

Dihydric Alcohols : This are those alcohol that contains two OH group in their compound. Examples are C-C , C-C-C-C, e.t.c

Pilyhydric Alcohols : They are those alcohol that has more than two OH Group. Examples are C-C-C


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