In educateskills we are going to cover some of the skills you should be learning in school, which are not covered in your current curriculum.

Hi there, thanks for visiting this page! My name is Mohammed, and I’m a student from Niger State, Nigeria. I’m also the creator of this blog, Educateskills! As a little bit of a nerd, studying and organization are a joy to me. In part thanks to the people around me, I’m always encouraged to be curious and learn; at the same time, I have plenty of experience with tutoring others 

After recognizing the joys that learning and teaching bring me (and after a long while ASSU strike in Nigeria ), I decided to create this blog to share my tips and knowledge with more people. I am in no way an expert in any of the topics I talk about, but I will always promise authenticity. Though I cannot guarantee any “results” (I’m not a teacher nor an academic counselor), I hope that the fruits of my experience will benefit you in some way.

A big thank you for visiting my blog! This small project that I started over the summer has grown more than I would’ve imagined, and I am very grateful for every visitor to this blog (including you!). If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to visit my Contact Us page! I’ll be happy to get to know you!

What I  write about in Educateskills are as follows

Blogger tips and tricks

Been a blogger for so long all what I have learn in this era I also have passion to share it with others so as if they are able to implement it they could make world better

Educational Tips 

As a student currently in school they tips and method I use that always works for that's why I chose to write on the topics like school, school tutorial, make money as a student and how to become a successful students.

Making money

As a student the life in school might have some time not easy without money and hear in Educateskills I decided to share with them on how to start earning online with the best method that's compatible with learning process and school curriculum


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